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Burhaniye, which is located on a flat plain and on the pass road, is in the middle of the places to be visited.

  • Taylieli Village
    You must see the wonderful sea view..
  • Gomec Ataturk Rocks
  • Kaz Mountains
  • Adramtion Ancient City – Ruins Center
  • Animated Museum
  • Rock Altars
  • Ayvalik Devil's Table
  • Ayvalik Old Houses
  • Kaz Mountains Zeus Altar

They are must-see places.

Adramytteion Ancient City: In Ören, which is the settlement area of the historical city Adramytteion, known as the old Edremit, today there are not many historical ruins from that period. The reason for this is that the city has been invaded and fought frequently throughout history. It has been revealed that almost all of Ören and the large land around it are covered with the remains of the Ancient City. Therefore, a certain part of Ören has been included in the protected area.

Rock Altars: There are 'Rock Altars', similar to those seen only in Eastern and Central European countries, on the skirts of Madra Mountain in the south of Edremit Bay, and the way of thinking it represents requires integrating with nature. This way of thinking has been going on since the Neolithic Age. Hisarköy Rock Altar, Bahadinli Village, Dedekaya, Bahadinli Village Inkaya Cave, Börezli Village Fugla Tepe are places of great historical importance in this regard.

Şahinler Village Mosque: Şahinler Village Mosque, which is estimated to be about 150 years old; In the Turkish-Islamic world, it is a very different mosque with no examples of old calligraphy, but with its ornamental dome consisting of a village cemetery, Rezelli Mill and various nature paintings.

Ruins: Ören, with its clean sea, beach and lush resting areas, is 4 km from the town center to the sea. You can also see the centuries-old oak trees in the region, which is located within the Natural Protected Area, and swim in the Teachers Houses beach and Pier. Burhaniye Camel Wrestling, one of the most important camel wrestling organizations in Turkey, has a history of at least a hundred years. Camel Wrestling is organized three times a year in the district; Between 75 and 100 camels from various regions such as Aydın, Germencik, Çanakkale, Antalya and Bodrum participate in each competition.

There is a built-in theater in Burhaniye. At important times in the summer and in the winter, the game is constantly played here. Madra Mountain is ideal for those who love trekking with its trekking track. There are also thermal springs in Karaağaç and Bostancı villages.

Daily excursions are organized from Burhaniye, which is 30 kilometers away from Ayvalık and Cunda, to Kazdağları, Bozcaada, Assos, Çanakkale and Ephesus.

Source: balnet

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